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My name is Paul and I am an AFOL (Adult Fan Of LEGO®) / ALE (Adult LEGO® Enthusiast) from Tasmania Australia, my hobby is LEGO® building and collecting. I have an interest in all areas of the LEGO® hobby and I am involved in Brixhibitions across the state an exhibitor.

My blog; Pauls Technic is going to be about all things related to LEGO Technic and LEGO in general, I will also at times be posting about other things which are important to me.

I first started building with LEGO® around 1985 and LEGO® Technic in 1989. I had a period away from the LEGO® hobby between 1998 and 2009; this is known in the LEGO® hobby as a “dark age”.  Since returning to the LEGO® hobby as an adult, my focus has turned more towards designing and building my own creations (known as MOCing), customising / modifying sets (MODs) and less about buying and building official sets. I welcome any feedback and comments on my blog. Please email me (tanger32au@gmail.com)

Below is something I found online years ago which I have changed slightly to fit my situation with LEGO Technic. I think it sums me up very well:

My lack of social skill isolated me from other people. That made me lonely but it also gave me time to find other interests. While “normal” kids were dating and partying I was heavily involved in the LEGO® hobby. By the time I was in my late teens I had spent so much time learning about this I had set myself a clear path for the future, even if other hobbies and interests at times did take me in a different direction.  My specials interests and focus really kept me on target, while I might not have had many friends and I sure felt the hurt of being alone, in some ways I was able to find solace and success by doing what I was really meant to do.  When you are a kid, people make fun of your special interests. When you are a grown-up, your special interests make you the expert – the go to guy for whatever it is that you really love.

Psychologists say special interests and extreme focus are abnormal in children and teenagers, yet if the person is thirty five the same shrinks call this person an expert, the go to person for whatever that person is knowledgeable in. In my case this is LEGO® Technic.

The secret to being happy is that you must figure out what you are good at and stick with it. In school and life a lot of emphasis is placed on identifying your weakness and improving them. That’s important if your weakness is holding you back but it is not the path to greatness. Greatness happens when you find your unique strengths and build upon them. Building up a weakness just makes you less disabled.

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