Monday, 26 March 2018

MOC - C Model of 42075 - Claw Loader

I would like to present my latest MOC. This is a claw loader C model of set 42075. This has been built using only the pieces from this set.

It features:
- Hand of God (HOG) steering via the knob on the top of the cabin roof.
- Front arm lifting via the black leaver in front of the cabin. This also has a lock to keep it in place. This is required as due to a lack of LA's and no worm gear included, it would not stay in place as it went up.
- Manual claw opening, this uses the shock absorber to close it.

I had built a winch for the rear but this didn't look "right" so I took it off. You can see in the last photo the parts which were left over after I finished this.

I spent about 7 hours over the past few nights building this.

I had to go back a few times and change parts used as I needed them for another parts of the model. My building process was:
Lifting arm
Body work

Overall I am happy with how it worked out, it ended up better than I was expecting.

The left over parts

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