Friday, 9 March 2018

LEGO Technic 42078 B Model - Build Process Review

A quick and dirty review of the build process of LEGO Technic set 42078 B Model (Mack LR Garbage Truck)

Today I purchased this set, with the plan of building the B model (Mack LR Garbage Truck). This is my first LEGO Technic set in almost two years so I was super keen to get hold of it and start the build process.

I spent an hour and a half unpacking and sorting the parts before using the downloaded building instructions to start the build process. I spent two hours building last night and got just under 25% done.

Last night I sat down with the plan of doing a couple more hours of building of this set, if I could get a bit over half the building done I would have been happy. I started at around 7:30pm with a plan to build until around 9:30pm.

As the night went on the build process got easier, less parts to search to find the one I needed and less complex steps. Around 10pm I was still going well so decided to push on, by 11:30pm I was close to the end so kept going. The build process and photos can be seen below. Total build time was 2 hours to sort the parts and just over 6 hours to build. This was working at a decent pace with a few drink breaks and me needing to get up a few times to stretch my legs and back.

The build process goes like this:
Rear Chassis
Front Chassis
Lifting Arms
Rear truck body
Rubbish Bin

The features include:
- HOG (Hand Of God) steering via a knob on the cabin roof, this works well enough.
- Fake inline 6 cylinder engine, this is the first time I have seen a engine built like this, it suits the truck well and fits nicely in the cabin.
- Bin lifting arms, these work well but are something I am planning on making some changes to when I start MODing this set. I think the small lever to flip the bin back in to the rear body is not needed and I can come up with a better way of doing it. This will be important when I look at adding Power Functions to it.
- Rear Opening, this works via a knob on the top of the rear body and uses a small LA to open this. Again this is something I am going to look at changing to be able to add Power Functions.
- Compactor, this is a very cool design and works well to push the rubbish out.

Overall I am very happy with the truck. It looks good, almost to model team level of detail in some parts. The build process was enjoyable, pre sorting the parts helped a lot with this. You end up with a heap of left over parts which I am going to use for some MODS to this set. I have not put on any stickers, not until I have finished MOD'ing it.

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  1. Awesome review! I was planning to get this, thanks for the info!