Friday, 20 May 2016

MTAS Attachment - Cherry Picker

My second attachment for this is a modified Unimog attachment cherry picker. Originally this was built to mount on to the back of LEGO Technic set 8110 - Unimog. I have modified this to mount on to my MTAS truck, this required a redesign of the mount, removal of the turntable control and redesign of this to work on the new mounting standard. The black control on the side raises and lowers the cherry picker, the grey gear on the rear rotates the turntable.

MOC - MTAS Truck and Scissor Lift

Modular truck attachment system (MTAS) is a standard I have designed and developed to allow various attachments and tools to be used on my LEGO Technic truck.

This system provides for the flexibility to easily swap attachments on the truck, depending on the use of the truck at that time. The idea for this came about from my experience designing and building Unimog attachments which I have really enjoyed designing and building over the past few months.

The truck features:
- Hand of God steering
- Opening cabin doors

- Scissor Lift
The first attachment for this is a modified Unimog attachment scissor lift. Over a period of time I will be converting more Unimog attachments to use with this and building new ones from scratch.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Interesting Quote

“The same person who would never raise his hand in a lecture hall of two hundred people might blog to two thousand, or two million, without thinking twice. The same person who finds it difficult to introduce himself to strangers might establish a presence online and then extend these relationships into the real world.”

Susan Cain, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking

Monday, 16 May 2016

Starting Them Young

I don't normally post "personal" photos on here but this photo really stands out.

On the weekend, my wife captured this photo of our 18 month old daughter and I enjoying some time together on the floor with my LEGO Technic Unimog. Moments like these are what makes being a parent so awesome.

Link - Please Help

Friday, 6 May 2016

Link - Beaches Brickmaster

A 14 year old finding away to make money while doing something he enjoys

"As a serious lover of LEGO building and playing, my aim is to help kids who've forgotten how to build their old LEGO sets and bring them back to life!"

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Unimog Attachment - Flail Mower

Over the past couple of weeks I have been researching, designing and building another LEGO Technic Unimog attachment, this is a flail mower. A few years ago I watched my local council mowing along a creek using one of these and thought it would make a good attachment, it is only now that I have the right pieces to make it possible. 

For those who don't know what a flail mower is, below in red is some information from Wikipedia.

"Flail mower - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A flail mower is a type of powered garden/agricultural equipment, which is used to deal with heavier grass/scrub which a normal lawn mower could not cope with. Some smaller models are self-powered, but many are PTO driven implements, which can attach to the three-point hitches found on the rear of most tractors. This type of mower is best used to provide a rough cut to taller grass where contact with loose debris may be possible such as roadsides.

The flail mower gets its name from the use of "flails" attached to its rotating horizontal drum (also called tube, rotor, or axle). Many implement companies also refer to the flails as knives or blades. The rows of flails are usually staggered to provide a complete cut. The flails are attached to the drum using chain links or brackets, depending on the manufacturer. The rotating drum is perpendicular to the axis of the tractor. The PTO driveshaft along the tractor's axis must make a right angle through the use of a gearbox in order to transfer its rotational energy to the drum. As the drum rotates, centrifugal force pushes the flails outward.[1]

Standard flails are shaped like an extruded "T" or "Y" and the chain attaches to the bottom. There are also proprietary flails with different shapes for shredding larger brush and others that leave a smooth, finish cut.

If a flail strikes an immovable object, it simply bounces off. Other rotary type mowers have a tendency to grab and throw the object out of the mower deck if its small enough. This fact makes the flail mower best suited for areas where thrown objects would cause damage.

Flail mowers may also be used in a more or less upright position for trimming the sides of hedges. They are often called hedge cutters (or sometimes also hedge trimmers) then. Especially in forestry (agroforestry) some very robust variants of flail mowers – called flail mulchers, flail shredders, or flail choppers – are used."

Over the past couple of weeks I have been researching, designing and building this. I wanted this to have two features, the lifting of the how mowing attachment and the turning of the flails, to do this using just the single front PTO I have built a two way switch box, this allows both functions to work off a single PTO. Most of my time working on this has been on the mowing part, getting the gearing right and adjusting the height to ensure it is low enough to mow without hitting the ground too much.

Overall I am very happy with how this has turned out, it works as I want it to and is something a bit different. It is also another "front" attachment which is something I have not built many of and brings with it a number of design and construction challenges which are different to those faced when building "rear" attachments.

Monday, 2 May 2016

MOC - LEGO Technic Mobile Phone Holder

On the weekend, while working on my latest MOC I decided to throw together a mobile phone holder for my desk at work.

I have seen a few of these in the past, taking the best of each of these I have built my own. It fits my phone perfectly and allows the charging cable to enter via the bottom. I built this in white as it is the colour I have the least amount of parts in.