Friday, 29 April 2016

Over sized Box From LEGO

A while ago the M motor in my Unimog started playing up, I contacted LEGO service who arranged to send me a replacement. On Wednesday a parcel arrived, given the size I assumed it was for my wife, it was only when I looked at the sender that I noticed it was from LEGO. On opening the box I found my M motor, hidden in this over sized box.

Thursday, 28 April 2016


Australia’s first LEGO® Certified Store will open at Dreamworld on Queensland’s Gold Coast later this year, following a new partnership agreement signed this week between global brand, The LEGO Group and Dreamworld’s parent company, Ardent Leisure.

Announcing the partnership today, Ardent Leisure CEO Deborah Thomas said the store would be the largest retail outlet at Dreamworld. Covering an area of 350 square metres, Dreamworld’s flagship LEGO Certified Store will be part of a stand-alone precinct located at the front of the park with access from within and external to the park. Construction will begin in July with the new store due to open in November 2016.

More Information

Personally, I am keen to check this out next time we are on the Gold Coast, more so just to be able to say "I have done it". I don't see it changing what and how I undertake my LEGO Technic hobby but it is a good sign that LEGO is starting to take the Australian market seriously.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Link - Using Lego to recover from a car accident.

Unimog Attachment - Cherry Picker (Aerial Bucket)

Unimog Attachment - Cherry Picker (Aerial Bucket)
Over the past few weeks I have been working on another Unimog attachment, this is a Cherry Picker (Aerial Bucket) which mounts to the rear of LEGO Technic set 8110.

A couple of years ago I designed and built an "Off Road Unimog Aerial Bucket Truck", a video of this can be seen here:

Based on my experience for this I decided to try and build a suitable attachment for the Unimog. 

Below are some photos of the end result, it features:
- Lifting of the bucket / arm: This is by the black handle on the side of the turn table. This drives via two gears the large LA.
- Rotation of the bucket / arm: This is driven off the rear PTO via three gears to the turn table.
- Manual lowering of the stabilizers: These are need to keep it level when it is rotating.

I spent a lot on time on getting the arm to raise and lower how I wanted, to achieve the maximum lifting height while still lowering down to roof height for transporting. I had originally wanted to have the stabilizers lowered via a small LA on each side but found this didn't work how I wanted so I went back to having this as a manual function.  

Overall I am very happy with how this has turned out.

Link - 42056 Porsche - The biggest news in LEGO Technic this year

More details on the biggest news in LEGO Technic for 2016 has just been released. While I am not personally going to buy this set, it is good to see LEGO releasing some more "adult" targeted sets.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Brixhibition Launceston 2016 Photos

Yesterday my wife, daughter and I went along to Brixhibition Launceston 2016. I was very impressed with most of the displays and think the organisers did a great job.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Unimog Attachment - Road Roller MK2

I have recently redesigned and rebuilt a road roller attachment for my Unimog U400. This is a redesign and rebuild of what I built a few years ago, it fits in well with the "civil services" theme of some of my other Unimog attachments. While researching this I had the goal of using a LA to raise and lower this, I also wanted it to be much more "professional" looking as far as the design and colours went. 

Over the past week I have spent some time on this when and as I have been able to, last night I made the final changes and took some photos and a video of it.

Features are:
- Lift and carry of roller (rear PTO / small LA)
- swivel point for steering