Thursday, 31 March 2016

Why is LEGO popular?

  • It's constructive. I could watch football, read books, or listen to music.  But LEGO lets me build something and be "productive".
  • It's tactile.  Sure, I can build a 3D virtual model or draw a picture, but I can't feel it in my hands.
  • It's nostalgic.  I grew up with LEGO, it's got a hold on me.
  • It's a perfectionist's tool.  Unlike other mediums like, say, clay, LEGO is "perfect", geometric, and fits a simple mental model of how shapes "should" be.
  • It's challenging.  A limited palette of elements with essentially unlimited possibilities?  That's a fun challenge.
  • It supports collectors.  Some people love collecting "all" of something, and LEGO offers many opportunities there.
  • It's a great learning tool.  It teaches kids spatial relations, organizational skills, and other great things.  So it's "good" for kids to play with.
  • It's high quality.  LEGO's had a long track record of being one of the highest quality construction toys-- it's the "best" of many different other options.
  • It doesn't expire.  LEGO can be handed down from generation to generation, and it doesn't go bad (well, not much anyway).
  • It's wholesome.  The brand image of LEGO is pretty pure (used to be even more so).  Everyone's happy, colorful, and historically pretty non-violent.
  • It supports all age levels.  Every age person finds LEGO models interesting-- even adults are amazed and intrigued by well-done models.
  • It's current.  LEGO has kept with the times in terms of product offering, media, and so forth.
  • It's valuable.  In recent years, as the value of LEGO has increased, more people want to invest in it.
  • It's enormously diverse.  Especially with the licenses in the past 18 years, there have been a WIDE range of products.
  • It's a moral company.  Everyone loves a family-owned business that responds to moral issues, versus a faceless corporation solely after profits.

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