Thursday, 3 March 2016

Unimog Attachment - Pull Along Mower - MK3

I recently redesigned and rebuilt a dozer blade for my Unimog U400, since doing this I have been thinking about having another try at a mower attachment, this would fit in well with the "civil services" theme of some of my other Unimog attachments. While researching this I had the goal of using a LA to raise and lower this, I also wanted it to be much more "professional" looking as far as the design and colours went. 

The first issue I faced was how to make two functions work off the single PTO on the rear of the Unimog. I started thinking about using a simple two way switch to split the PTO at the rear of the Unimog; I played around with this in LDD but decided it would look stupid. My next idea was to turn the blades using the rear PTO and have a handle at the top to raise and lower the mower using a LA. After thinking about this some more and playing around with it I decided I was not happy with this idea either. In the end I took an idea off set 9393 which uses a drive off the rear wheels to turn the blades, in my case the wheels are attached to the mower deck itself. 

Late last week I sat down and started the building process, this went well and over a few nights / Saturday afternoon I got the mower deck built with the wheels turning the blades. I also built the mounting system to the rear of the Unimog using the "standard" mounting points to allow this to be easily removed if required, this uses the rear PTO to raise and lower the mower deck. This also has a pivot point at the front of the mower deck which allows this to turn as the Unimog goes around corners.

While I was testing this I found that the mower deck was being lifted high above the Unimog and was swinging around as it was driven. At this point I left it for the day. Last night while in bed I woke up with an idea, instead of lifting the mower deck the full height I could add a hinge which would allow this to bend as it was lifted, it would still have good ground clearance but would not end up so high off the ground. This morning I made some changes based on my idea and I was very pleased to be able to get this to work how I had hoped. Now as it lifts it bends which works much better.

Features are:
- Lift and carry of mower deck (rear PTO / large LA)
- swivel point for steering
- Working mower blades (driven via rear wheels)

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