Friday, 11 March 2016

Survey - LEGO - Time, Money and Space

Reading various forums and groups it seems that most people are limited in their involvement in the LEGO hobby by "Time, Money and Space" or a combination of all three. I have created a very simple three question survey to see what the "normal" is for each of these and how different people's situations compare.

Update: 15/03/2016 - Results

Thank you to everybody who took part in this survey, the results are below:

Average time spent per month: 20-40 hours, with less than 20 a close second.

Average money spent per month: $100 - $200

Space: Three way tie between.
- I don't have a separate space, I build at the kitchen table or other shared area - No display space
- I have a desk or table in a shared space such as a living room - I have a display space

- I have a dedicated space which is purely for LEGO

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