Friday, 3 July 2015

MOD: 42024 Wheelie Bin Truck

I have always been very interested in anything mechanical or technical which might explain my interest in LEGO Technic and my career in a technical field.

One area I have had a special interest in has been rubbish trucks, this started off with the open rear type which are manually loaded and progressed to the front loading fork type, skip bin trucks and more recently the side mounted wheelie bin loading type which are used to empty domestic bins in many places across Australian (I am not sure if they are common in other countries or not). A few times over the years I have built MOC'S based on these types of trucks, they have worked to various degrees but I have never managed to build one that I was totally happy with.

A couple of years ago I used the B model of set 9395 to build a wheelie bin truck this worked well but I sold it off when I left the hobby. This something I have really regretted :( 

Recently I have decided to focus my Technic hobby more; this will see me build a number of MOCs / MODs around a central “rubbish / waste” type theme which I will add to over time. 

My first truck for this project is a MOD of LEGO Technic set 42024 – Skip Truck. I have used this as the base for a wheelie bin loading truck. This retains most of the looks and features of this set. I have designed and built a wheelie bin loading arm to add to this and some minor changes to the base model.

The build process went like this:
- Build 42024 A Model as per instructions.
- Add Power Functions motor.
- Remove rear legs and reroute this switch box output to the side for the lifting arm.
- Building the lifting arm and test this manually (this took the most amount of time)
- Join this to the side output of the switch box.
- Build the cover and chute for the skip and test.
- Add some minor details like lights and warning stickers.

Overall I have spent about 20 hours on this, building, designing and testing the functions. I am really happy with how it works and enjoying playing around with it.


Update: 4/07/2015
After some feedback and more testing I have made some small changes to this:
- Added a Power Functions switch and lights.
- Slight change to the wheelie bin lifting arm.
- Minor change to the skip bin cover to allow it to open better.

An updated video of these changes is below.

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