Sunday, 12 July 2015

MOC: Bulk Rubbish Loading Truck

This MOC came about after I finished my wheelie bin loading truck MOD to set 42024; I wanted something else to add to my rubbish truck collection. These types of trucks are used not to empty bins but instead lift and load heavy / bulky items. I have plans for more MOCs and MODs around this theme.

- Hand of god steering
- Opening cabin doors
- Rear loading platform
- Crusher
- Rear body tipping and opening tail gate

Build Process:
I spent about 25 hours over 8 days building and testing this. Building the truck was quick and easy, adding and testing each feature took the most time. The whole truck is based on the same scale as 42024. The cabin is based on the cabin from 42024 with some changes.


The start of the build process


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